Science And Magic: Chapter 9

When Science and Magic Go To War ~Tales From Other Worlds~

Chapter 9: Field Trip’s End

Chester was currently recuperating in Misato’s tent at the Field Trip basecamp. The field trip was only scheduled to last a week at most, and all the commotion was entirely unplanned. Misato and James were returning to the ruins where the portal first opened to see if there’s anything they can salvage.

“Ara, Chester are you awake?” (Karen)
“Ah you’re Ice Girl. Is there something you need?” (Chester)
“My name’s Karen. I’m a Grade Three Magician, it’s my first time meeting someone so talented around my age. What Grade are you?” (Karen)
“About that…I don’t have a Grade. I only started using magic shortly before the battle. To be honest I’m probably very close to Grade Zero. I’m not even able to use my own magic, I have to use Misato’s magic to cast my spells.” (Chester)
“What do you mean?” (Karen)
“Hmmm. I use Misato’s magic and my original spells. That’s pretty much it. I suppose it would make more sense if I said I couldn’t generate my own magic, and have to use Misato’s by proxy through Apprenticeship.” (Chester)

Karen was dumbfounded, if someone who couldn’t even generate their own magic could be as powerful as him using his spells…then what would someone who could generate their own magic be like? She would at least advance to Grade Four. She had to make Chester hers by any means possible.

“What do you plan to do in the future?” (Karen)
“Well for now I will be fulfilling my promise to Misato and enrolling at the Magic Academy. After that I will be working with James to find a way home, we actually come from a place where there is no magic and got stranded here.” (Chester)

Immediately she started to calculate her assets, what she could do to help, and ways she could encourage him to stay. Everything, to get her hands on his spells. As she was thinking this, he pulled out a small red book and started writing.

“What’s that?” (Karen)
“I suppose you could call it a research log. It documents everything I need to remember about the area, and also works as a notebook on magic. It’s also got some diary parts in, but nothing important. It’s just a handy thing for when I want to jot something down.” (Chester)

So all she needed to do was get a hold of that book in order to grasp the power of his spells? Karen quickly judged there to be more than meets the eye, even if it was that simple she doubted it would be easy to read, and even if it would explain everything in note form. To formulate a long term plan, she decided to retreat to her own tent and write a few letters.

“Then I hope you recover quickly.” (Karen)
“Thanks for your concern.” (Chester)

◆  ◆  ◆

In the, now collapsed, portal room were James and Misato.

“He only learnt magic earlier and he’s already churning out spells more powerful than me.” (Misato)
“That’s the type of person he is, it won’t end here. He will use every single scientific theory he can remember to push magic to its very limits. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t go nuclear.” (James)

They were discussing Chester’s ability and condition while rummaging through the debris from the collapse for anything of note. It could become an important clue to finding the way home so they were leaving no stone unturned.

“I hope he’s okay back at the camp.” (Misato)
“You’re worried about someone who bore a whole I a spider and started to drill into a cliff?” (James)
“Power doesn’t always equal strength.” (Misato)
“Oooooh. Wise words.” (James)

Letting out a deep sigh, James eventually sat down to rest. It had been an eventful day.

“So how did this thing work anyway? I mean there wasn’t a spell involved. “ (James)
“It’s essentially a giant magic tool it stores magic from the area around it and releases it on a predetermined spell when activated. My translation tool works the same way.” (Misato)
“Can anything be done with a magic tool?” (James)
“Most things, however their power isn’t proportional to their effectiveness. That’s the reason magic artillery never caught on, there was too many variables and it was more effective to deploy a magician than a magic cannon. (Misato)

James picked up a slab from in front of him, and brushed to dust off.

“So how do magic tools work? Since one brought us here it means they can probably send us back. Chester will focus on researching magic theory so I suppose I should try to learn application.” (James)
“Let’s see, by engraving an object you can control the flow of magic to imitate the flow of magic inside a magician when they cast a spell. When enough magic flows through it, it casts a replica of the spell.” (Misato)
“Can anyone use it?” (James)
“Anyone can if you have a source of magic, be it gem or just the energy in the world around you.” (Misato)
“That settles it then, I’ll become a magic engineer.” (James)
“Best of luck, but it’s an extremely tough profession. Most people can’t make an original magic tool in their lifetime.” (Misato)
“I’ll be fine. If Chester can invent spells, I can invent tools.” (James)

◆  ◆  ◆

At the camp, the teacher was handing over a written report of the days events to a local knight for the Lord. It was imperative that someone dealt with any surviving spiders, and that the commoners were informed of the dangers for a while.

“Thank you for your service.” (Knight)
“Please deliver that quickly.” (Teacher)
“Yes My Lord!” (Knight)

Given the Edelstein salute, he quickly left the scene and mounted his horse, riding into the distance. Tomorrow morning the field trip would pack up and return to the Academy, the risk of staying was too great. Most importantly the teacher just wanted to return to his luxurious mansion and giving simple lectures that require no effort.

“Teacher, I absolutely object to having those two men accompany us on our return! Regardless of their ability, it’s too dangerous to have unidentified escorts. For all we know they could kill us in our sleep and rape the girls!” (Alfred)

The teacher let out another sigh, Alfred had been protesting since he made the decision.

“We can’t let talent like that go. Moreover those spells were entirely unique and not in the Academy’s repertoire. You should know better than letting your emotions judge for you. You’re just bitter that he’s stronger than you and that the woman you wish to make your fiancé is interested in him.” (Teacher)
“Wah! If it comes to this then I will just contact father so that he can get involved.” (Alfred)
“That won’t work, his magic is revolutionary, in both power and efficiency. Even the King would sell his daughter, if he had one, to obtain it.” (Teacher)

Supressing his frustration to his utmost ability, Alfred stormed back to his tent.

“Most importantly, Edelstein needs to claim them quickly. There’s no telling what country was on the other side of that portal.” (Teacher)


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