Science And Magic: Chapter 8

When Science and Magic Go To War ~Tales From Other Worlds~

Chapter 8: Battle With The Spider Queen

“I just exhausted myself fighting your husband and your kids!” (Chester)
“We seriously have no luck when it comes to this world.” (James)

Despite the depressing and serious words, the two friends had a smile on their face and were patting each other on the back. The reality was their lives were on the line, but they couldn’t help but laugh at the unrealistic fantasy that was unfolding around them.

“Since you’re the final boss I think we should wrap this up quickly.” (Chester)
“Do you have a new spell on hand by any chance? <<Killer Squall>> was a good spell, but not really appropriate here.” (James)
“Of course I have a spell on hand for this situation, except I can only use it twice.” (Chester)
“I see, so we need to at least immobilise the enemy to take that gamble.” (James)

After having a quick discussion confirming Chester’s strategy, James turned around and started to give orders.

“Lava Man, I need you to create a pool of lava around its feet so that it sinks. At that point I need Ice Girl to freeze the lava back into stone. In the meantime, Acid Boy and Misato are to come with me and flank the sides to target its rear legs so it can’t use its abdomen attack.” (James)
“Why should I listen to you?!” (Alfred)
“Because our lives are on the line and you don’t want to die.” (Chester)
“Just listen to him, how else will we fight that thing?” (James)

Karen had given her consent to the plan non-verbally, and she was impressed at how to two newcomers had analysed and taken control of the situation so readily. They didn’t seem to be combat veterans, however they clearly had experience in strategy and management, as well as an education.

“The weak points are the joints on the legs, target those or it will be like trying to break a wall.” (James)
“Your plan seems to have a chance of success so I will follow it.” (Teacher)
“Alright let’s move everyone, she’s not going to wait for us!” (Chester)

At Chester’s command the group split into two distinct teams, and the battle began anew. Chester was leading the control team, while James led the assault team. It perfectly linked up to their specialties.

“Spirits of the earth, elementals of fire, melt the rocks before me! <<Lava Field>>!” (Teacher)

The ground around the spider’s feet turned to lava, causing it to scream in pain. Instantly it tried to lift its legs and move forward to kill its foes.

“Ice Girl, as quickly as you can please!” (Chester)
“Make it cold, make it freeze, blast the area to smithereens. <<Ice Nova>>!” (Karen)

The lava spell, dispelled by the teacher and quickly frozen by Karen, ended instantly and formed a layer of rock and obsidian. The spider was trapped, surrounded by half buried corpses of its offspring.

“Now we have to wait for James to finish his assault on the rear legs, and we can gamble on my spell.” (Chester)
“Why don’t you use your spell now?” (Karen)
“The first is the risk that the spell might harm those flanking the enemy, the second is that if the spell doesn’t work then there’s a risk the spider will escape. In that case we need to make sure that we’re not put at an immediate disadvantage. Taking out its main form of attack is crucial to that part.” (Chester)
“I see.” (Karen)
“Just who is this boy?” (Teacher)

As Chester was explaining his strategy, James’ tactic of flanking the opponent was playing out.

“Alright Acid Boy, weaken the joints between the main body and the leg with acid. Once you’ve done both rear legs, try to do all the other legs. Every extra one you weaken could become critical later. Misato, once he’s weakened one keep hacking at it with fire spells until it falls off. When I give the word pull back.” (James)
“Understood!” (Misato)
“My name is Alfred! <<Acid Splash>>!” (Alfred)
“Yes, yes. Whatever.” (James)
“<<Firebolt>> Times Two!” (Misato)

Each leg was doused with acid, weakening the bones and dissolving the flesh. This made the shocks and heat from the Misato’s fire attacks much more potent at breaking the joints. The spider screamed as it lost leg after leg. Eventually it started to break its front legs free.

“Alright we’re pulling back! Chester, it’s time for the coup de grace!” (James)
“You can do it!” (Misato)

Though Chester couldn’t hear what they were saying clearly, the moment he saw them pull back and shout he immediately understood it was time for his turn to act and blow the enemy away. He would meet up to their expectations.

“Anti-Material laser! <<Rotary Cannon>>!” (Chester)

This time, above his head appeared two large blue orbs. Each one began to spin round the other at a rapid pace before merging. The two orbs formed a Taijitu-esque shape as they chased each other. The resultant laser was not only travelling forward at high speed, but was also rotating. The energy equivalent of a rifled barrel shot. As the single beam pierced the enemies face, it bored into its body and gouged out much of its flesh. The heat scorched even the ground below Chester, so he couldn’t imagine what was happening inside its body. Realising one shot was enough to penetrate the exoskeleton, he increased the output of the beam, causing it to burst out the abdomen on the opposite side and impact the rock face.

““Chester!”” (Misato and James)

As the spell came to an end, Chester quickly lost consciousness. Nobody could deny his value in combat that day. Hoisting his unconscious friend onto his back, James walked towards the spider that had a hole cut clean through it.

“You only learnt magic today and you’re already capable of crushing entire armies. You can never do things in moderation can you?” (James)

Thus the battle with the last spider came to an end, a few of the offspring managed to survive in other locations, but that’s a tale for others to tell. The four Magic Academy representatives could only stare in shock, until Chester slowly came to.

“Welcome back to the world of the living.” (James)
“Did I die?” (Chester)
“No, but a certain spider did.” (James)
“Haha. I see.” (Chester)
“So what’s next? Giant snakes?”

With a mutual fistbump the two friends gave out an honest laugh as the tension was finally released. If this was the start of their adventures, then what more was lying in wait?


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