Science And Magic: Chapter 6

When Science and Magic Go To War ~Tales From Other Worlds~

Chapter 6: The Science of Magic

“Focus your mind on what you usually see, and try to ignore the new sensation.” (Misato)
“That’s a lot easier said than done. It’s like trying not to get aroused while having your girlfriend in front of you.” (Chester)
“What kind of analogy is that?! Also, you’ve never had a relationship like that to even know!” (James)

Chester was currently undergoing magical rehabilitation with Misato, so that they could continue escaping while he was grasping the extent of his new ability. So far he had awoken to being able to see magic, vividly, and controlling his own, vaguely. He was picking things up at an alarming rate due to a mixture of his hobbies, knowledge and the sudden change in his body. After several minutes of trying he managed to shut off his ‘Detect Magic’ ability.

“Stop treating this like a game of Dungeons and Dragons!” (James)
“What’s wrong with that?” (Chester)
“Now let’s focus on getting some basic spells. We’ll start with <<Flame>> and then <<Light>>. First for flame, just imagine a small harmless candle flame on the tip of your finger, then push your magic towards it while saying <<Flame>>.” (Misato)
“Fumuu.” (Chester)

Closing his eyes, Chester envisioned a Bunsen Burner, the process by which gas is fed in alongside oxygen, ignited and maintained. He imagined the strong blue flame it produced, and the molecules inside bouncing around at high velocity, a nice clean burn.  Then following Misato’s guiding voice, he pushed magic towards his finger tip, took a deep breath and spoke the word out loud.

“<<Flame>>!” (Chester)
““Uwuaa!”” (Misato and James)

In an instant, he had accurately replicated the spell, improved its potency and reduced the energy demand. Magic was only quantum mechanics, so it had a high affinity for science. It seems that until now magicians were just replicating the visual end result, and not controlling the initial process.

“You just had to improve on it didn’t you.” (James)
“Wait, why’s your flame blue? Nobodies ever had blue flames before.” (Misato)
“How to explain it. When fire burns it’s doing two things, its turning fuel into light, and it’s producing heat. The light is made when the fuel is impure, and a lot of energy is wasted. By increasing the purity of the fuel you get blue flames, which waste less energy and produce more heat.” (Chester)
“Well, that’s not entirely accurate, but it more or less explains the blue-ish-ness.” (James)
“So this blue flame is better than a yellow one?” (Misato)
“In every way. I’ll teach you it when we have the chance.” (Chester)

Satisfied with his achievement, Chester dispelled the magic and wrote a few notes in his journal for his self-practice in the future. Then he took up his stance again and imagined a orb of light floating in his palm. He pictured the photos being generated in its core and floating out. A miniature sun without the heat or energy, a bulb without the glass or electricity. Once more he pushed the magical energy out, and spoke the words.

“<<Light>>!” (Chester)

Just as wished, a orb of pure white light appeared in his palm. It was perfectly round and abnormally bright, he cancelled the spell on reflex because it was like a flash grenade right in his face.

“Ouch! Way too bright!” (James)
“Just how are you doing this? There’s a tiny chance someone can even be able to use magic, let alone learn it. You’re picking this up way too fast. On top of that, you’re modifying the spells to your will without a single care.” (Misato)
“Shhh, I’m thinking. <<Light: Red>>!” (Chester)

This time a red orb appeared in his hand, it was dimmer than last time, and he had perfectly controlled the wavelength of the photons.

“Just how did you?” (Misato)
“Oh geez, if he can do this then next he’ll be cooking our food by microwave.” (James)
“James! You’re a genius!” (Chester)
“That’s the same light spell, but you made it red somehow?” (Misato)
“That’s because I understand what light is, so I don’t need a different spell to change the colour. White is the colour of every type of light mixed together, so I just need to pick out the type of lights I need to make any other colour I want.” (Chester)
“It would be easier to explain it like a rainbow. From the side a rainbow is many different colours but if you were to look at a rainbow from underneath then all those colours on top of each other would make white.” (James)

While explaining several basic scientific theories and pieces of useful trivia, the trio finally began to head towards to exit after their brief pit stop. Chester was fully energised and motivated after becoming Earth’s first magician. He would be thouroughly demotivated if he knew of the battle ahead.

◆  ◆  ◆

Elsewhere a quiet dripping noise could be heard, as water fell into a crevasse. At its base a mass of webs had split open, and dozens of newborn spiders were pouring out. Their calls clicking, and their feet scampering. An unlucky few were devoured by their brothers and sisters on the spot, without even a chance to retaliate, a race of survival. The strongest and fastest reached the feast that was hung above them…their dead father, recovered by their mother after its defeat at the hands of three unlikely friends.

Their mother had long since left, abandoning the children to whatever fate they may face, with little more care than motorcyclist for a scooter. She was currently reinforcing her webs, and seeking the intruders that hunted the mate that was her prey.

Once the inedible remains of an exoskeleton were all that was left of their paternal flesh, the young spiders once again turned on each other. Some chose a different option, and began to stampede down the halls that their mother controlled. They had no particular destination in mind, only to find their own place to dominate and control. The flood of legs moved like a crusade of water to wash away all that was in its path, and facing that oncoming onslaught was Chester, James and Misato.

“Crap.” (Chester)
“I thought you said they weren’t to be born yet!” (James)
“It’s easy to make mistakes when you’re out of your depth.” (Misato)
“Do we fight the possibly hundreds of spiders the size of a dog, or do we run away?” (Chester)
““We run obviously!”” (Misato and James)
“I have to be in agreement! Retreat!” (Chester)

With much panic the three began to run from the torrent of mandibles seeking their blood.

“““They’re gaining on us!”””


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