Science and Magic: Chapter 2

When Science and Magic Go To War ~Tales From Other Worlds~

Chapter 2: Small Step For Man

Moments before the incident caused by Misato, Chester rushed home to get some equipment. Grabbing a large bag he shoved items such as battery powered utilities inside. Most of this was because he didn’t want to use the power sockets in the module, a smaller part of him to document something amazing. These thoughts were the opposite of a mildly apathetic James was just patiently watching the computer.

>Program Initialized
>Changing Entanglement Frequency
>>Modification 0.01
>>>No Change
>>Modification 0.1
>>>No Change
>>Modification 0.02
>>>No Change
>>Modification 0.2…

Eventually Chester returned, and after setting up his equipment he could understand some of the principles that the magic was being generated under, or more accurately, gathered under. The alloy was drawing in magic from the area rather than producing it itself.

“Chester what exactly are you doing?” (James)
“Trying to get an understanding of the alloy.” (Chester)
“That’s a very broad explanation.” (James)

Ignoring his comrade’s words, he plugged his equipment into the military computer, violating many laws and protocols in the process. The screen flickered slightly and then the unthinkable happened.

>>Modification 0.05
>>>Entanglement Confirmed
>>Magic Density Dropping
>>>5% Lost
>>>9% Lost
>>>13% Lost

“We’re losing density. Where’s the magic going then?” (Chester)
“What’s happening?” (James)
“I don’t know, the magic seems to be leaking somewhere.” (Chester)

Behind them a small wormhole had begun to open, and it was absorbing magic at an alarming rate to grow. Chester frantically fought with the computer to stabilise the leakage, however his fundamental lack of understanding and equipment prevented him from getting results. They both almost ignored the mysterious voice they heard, if it weren’t for the fact it came from a girl.

“Hello? Who’s there?” (Mysterious Girl)
“There’s an enormous amount of magic pouring out of this gateway.” (Mysterious Boy)

Turning around, the both saw that the a perfectly round portal had opened, and on the other side was a ruin and three people. A strange atmosphere filled the room, until Chester broke the ice.

“Excuse me, who are you?” (Chester)
“Heh? We’re students from Edelstein Magic Academy. We were investigating some old ruins and I tripped it accidentally.” (Mysterious Girl)
“Edelstein? That’s German, but you speak English?” (James)
“You’re wrong, we’re just wearing translator magic.” (Mysterious Girl)

Chester and James’ jaws dropped, both weren’t unfamiliar with Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Chester was an otaku and James had been his friend long enough to pick up some traits at the least. It didn’t take long for them to come to conclusion they’d found a way to another world.

“Uhm, nice to meet you I’m Chester. This chap here is James.” (Chester)
“Yeah, hi.” (James)
“My name is Misato, a Grade Three Magician.” (Misato)

Before further conversation could be made, the computer gave out a warning as the magic level had more than halved. At that moment it plummeted suddenly, dropping to less than 5% of its former quantity. The room started to turn white, and instinctively Chester grabbed his bag and jumped through the portal before it closed. James who had hesitated, picking up a survival kit was distressed to see it close but he didn’t gain any respite. He was forcefully teleported outside of his will.

>Reconfirming Magic Levels
>>No Magic Detected
>Entering Standby…

The story of what happened to the people who found the computer after this event? Well that’s for a later date.

◆  ◆  ◆

Misato was staring in disbelief when she saw the ruins connect to a strange room with two people in. The room they were in, the clothes they wore, the object in the room and even their language were entirely alien to her. It took a considerable amount of energy for the translation device to adapt, an even greater shock was the fact they didn’t have their own and she needed to use even more energy to translate her words for them.

“Suddenly I know what it feels like to go through a Stargate. It’s not that pleasant.” (Chester)

Now, against all odds, the mysterious man from the other side was in the ruins. He was rummaging through his bag and took out a small box shaped device, held it to his face and made it click every few seconds.

“That should do for basic documentation. Where’s James?” (Chester)

Misato was thinking to herself how carefree he was, when the ruins light up for a second time and James suddenly crumpled to the floor. He was shaking his head to dispel the disorientation of the forced teleportation, which gave him intense motion sickness and vertigo.

“The positives are that I’m not left behind and that I have my gear…the cons are that we’re stuck.” (James)
“What are you complaining about! This is a new world!” (Chester)
“This is quite different from the plot I had in mind.” (James)

The two friends were engaging in banter, while completely ignoring the dumbfounded members of the Academy. It was then Misato realised that both the gentlemen had no magic, for even one person to be born without magic was near impossible without a freak mutation. The fact that two people, and all their belongings, had no magic signature was even more so. Karen, the other girl on the field trip with her, was focussed much more on the valuable objects she spotted in their bags.

“Excuse me, fine men, my name is Karen. I’m also a Grade Three Magician at Edelstein Magic Academy. Is there anything I can help you with?” (Karen)
“James this one is no good, no matter how I see it she’s the type to follow the playboy hero just for his status.” (Chester)
“Isn’t it a bit rude to judge her just like that?” (James)
“Clearly you’ve not read ShieldBro. Well I’ll leave it up to you to decide your party.” (Chester)

With Chester patting his chest, James started to discuss things with Karen, while Alfred had a bitter expression on his face at how quickly the girl he was targeting changed gears. Misato stood to the side still slightly dizzy from all the events.

“Are you feeling okay? I have some drinks if you want some.” (Chester)
“Heh? Ah yeah, please.” (Misato)

Passing a bottle of energy drink to Misato, he didn’t even question his action until she almost spat it out. Obviously she’d never had an artificially flavoured drink before, let alone carbonated.

“Ah sorry, it probably tastes strong if you’re not used to it. It gives lots of energy though.” (Chester)
“What is this? I don’t recognise the bottle material or design either.” (Misato)
“Fumuu. Let’s just say it’s called Lucozade and it’s a speciality of my hometown.” (Chester)
“The way you say that sounds like there’s more to it.” (Misato)
“I like you, you’re right. There’s a lot more to it.” (Chester)

As he smiled towards her, she felt like a feeling of amusement welled up inside her. Misato was ‘blessed’ with the world’s largest magical capacity, however her talent was sorely lacking. To compensate for her inability to cast spells she just poured magic in, meaning that she was barely comparable to her average peers. She worked hard to improve her magic but she never bore any major results, subsequently she’d become quite withdrawn and if she was on Earth would probably have become a shut in at some point, so the sudden change of emotion was surprising to her.

“Nice to meet you Grade Three Magician Misato, I’m Scientist Chester. I expect great things from our friendship in the future.” (Chester)

As he stretched out his hand, Misato instinctively shook it. Thus a legend started.


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