Science And Magic: Chapter 13

When Science and Magic Go To War ~Tales From Other Worlds~

Chapter 13: Classroom Crisis

“<<Rotary Cannon>>!” (Chester)
“It’s no use!” (?)
“Get a hold of yourself!” (?)
“Chester can’t you do anything?” (?)

To understand this situation, you have to go back in time fifteen minutes.

◆  ◆  ◆

“To think he’d make us do a practical right after the first lecture.” (Karen)
“It’s no trouble, this type of magic is my family’s speciality. My skills in it are only second to my acid magic.” (Alfred)
“I’m more concerned about how half-baked the theory was. Do you people really use that level of imagination to cast spells? No wonder the energy demand is huge.” (Chester)

Karen, Alfred and Chester were being escorted to the practice field in order to try their hand at summoning magic. Coincidentally it seems Alfred’s family had a long line of talented summoners in the military, on the Edelstein side that is. Karen was continuing her pursuit of Chester without regard for his attempts at reclaiming her attention.

“Since the nearest field is currently off limits because of the repairs on the wall, we’ll have to go to the other side of the keep.” (Teacher)
“Hahaha. My bad.” (Chester)
“You couldn’t help it, he said your most powerful spell and he gave assurance the wall would hold.” (Karen)

While walking in silence, Chester kept an eye on the many students that littered the various practice areas. With a basic headcount he found fire magic to be the most popular, probably due to its flashy nature on the battlefield. In this regard he held Alfred in high esteem, option for functionality over attractiveness. The girls seemed to naturally prefer water and ice magic, which he would never have guessed since encountering Misato first. Of course Chester knew there was no such thing as attribute aptitude, it was simply a case of how well someone could imagine things.

“Well then, why don’t we have the noble boy go first.” (Teacher)
“Absolutely!” (Karen)

While clapping her hands patronisingly, Chester watched in anticipation with his <Detect Magic> activated.

“Come to me Ifrit! <<Summon>>!” (Alfred)

Around Alfred’s entire body a giant magic circle light up, it looked like a semi-transparent emblem that stretched out with several meters in diameter. Above Alfred’s head the outline of a dragon slowly faded into existence and then with a glow the dragon took true form and landed on the ground.

“Haha, how does it feel! Ifrit is my pet dragon, my family is taming it ready for when I go to battle. It’s a fire element sky dragon.” (Alfred)

The dragon should be called Ifrit The Magnificent, because it looked like a tolkienite had designed its body. It had crimson scales and its body stretched to the size of a school gymnasium.

“Hmmm, why is it wet?” (Alfred)

While everyone else was awestruck by the dragon Alfred had permanently summoned, he was focussed on why its scales were damp. Before he could get a proper answer, disaster struck.


It let loose a jet of fire at the nearest court, the magicians practicing there managed to cast defensive spells quick enough to avoid death, but they needed medical attention.

“Ifrit stop it now!” (Alfred)
“Laddy, get your dragon under control!” (Teacher)
“I-it won’t listen to me! How is this possible?!” (Alfred)
“You summoned an uncontrolled monster?! Are you mad!” (Karen)
“It should be wearing a magic collar, they only take it off when they’re washing it. Oh.” (Alfred)
“That explains why its scales were wet, you summoned it during wash time.” (Chester)

Ifrit rapidly took to the air, circling the keep as if to size it up. It was obvious that nothing would survive the inferno if the jets of fire were to melt the stone.

“Dammit! Anti-Material laser! <<Rotary Cannon>>!” (Chester)
“It’s no use!” (Alfred)
“Get a hold of yourself!” (Teacher)
“Chester can’t you do anything?” (Karen)

The <<Rotary Cannon>> failed to penetrate the dragons scales, and at this point in time a crowd was growing to witness the spectacle. This meant the number of potential victims was climbing. Overcome with a sense of pressure, Chester quickly dove into his knowledge of fantasy fiction.

(Dragons. This type is clearly Western in shape. Given its colour and element we can ignore all stories that focus around other types. This leaves us with the English interpretation as the basis. Which means this dragon probably hordes gold and brings disaster? However, we can’t overlook that maybe it’s capable of reason. Moreover, I can’t disregard other interpretations. The dragons on Azeroth were in fact an enlightened species that oversaw life until their race was weakened by infighting. Argh, going through every possible version will just give me a headache.)

“My mind to your mind! <<Telepathy>>!” (Chester)

From Chester’s forehead sprung a purple string of energy, flowing through the air towards the circling dragon. He’d taken a gamble on reasoning rather than charging up another <<Rotary Cannon>>. To his shock, it perfectly payed off.

<Strange human, not only do you possess power rivalling that of a Light Dragon, but you also have the ability to communicate with us.> (Ifrit)
(That’s a matter of course, I am not from this world. Where I come from Dragons are works of fiction, the subject of ancient tales.) (Chester)
<I see, so you’re from another world. It makes sense now. Our name is Ifrit, we are the Queen of the Fire Dragon Clan.> (Ifrit)
(Queen? To think someone like you would be enslaved, may I ask how it came about.) (Chester)
<Absolutely, our clan acts as the guards of the Dragon Isles to the South East of the continent. We were patrolling one day when ship bellowing smoke appeared on the horizon. Fearing for the sailors lives we flew to assist, but it was a trap.> (Ifrit)
(I have no qualms with helping a noble being like you flee, will you take my aid?) (Chester)

In response the question, Ifrit took to the skies and begun her escape, climbing higher and higher. Alfred had recovered from his shock and was leading a group of magicians to shoot down the dragon by aiming at the wings. His complete disregard for it as a living being had made Chester sick, and the forced enslavement even more so.

“Everyone, aim at the wings!” (Alfred)
“I don’t think so! Anti-Personnel laser! <<Killer Squall>>!” (Chester)

Before the magicians could cast their spells, Chester rained down laser fire around them. The quickly cancelled their casting and covered their eyes from the blinding flashes and dirt cloud that was formed. The formation broke and most scattered for cover. After a few moments the suppression fire came to an end. Ifrit was now far above the clouds, and the telepathy link was about to snap.

<We would like to ask you one question before we leave, what was the name of your world?> (Ifrit)
(It was called Earth.) (Chester)
<We recall visiting a world that matches your memory of it, it was there we learnt that those consumed with greed would meet their end at the hands of those consumed with greed. Or so we say, many of our corrupt brethren fell there.> (Ifrit)
(Wait you mean the stories?!) (Chester)
<If you ever wish to learn more about us, we invite you to our home. I am sure that Sol, Queen of the Light Dragons, would like to see your impressive magic.> (Ifrit)
(I’ll take you up on that offer.) (Chester)

The telepathy finally reached its limit and snapped, the spell coming to an end. Chester was standing in a field and waving towards the clouds, he’d made an interesting acquaintance today. Karen just watched all the commotion unfold without a care, she knew Chester had done something interesting.

“You! Why did you let my dragon escape?!” (Alfred)
“The real question isn’t that. It’s, what the hell gave you the right to capture a peaceful and intelligent creature like that?!” (Chester)
“Whaa? It’s a dragon! A wild beast!” (Alfred)
“Yes! So wild that I had a conversation with it! Did you know, she was the Queen of her entire race?! The only thing you got right about her was her damn name! You enslaved a noble being!” (Chester)
“Blasphemy. Dragons are the menace of the seas! They destroy any ship that they come across!” (Alfred)
“To protect their island!” (Chester)
“I refuse to argue with an imbecile. I challenge you to a duel!” (Alfred)

Seriously, today was one rapid string of commotions for Chester.


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