Science And Magic: Chapter 12

When Science and Magic Go To War ~Tales From Other Worlds~

Chapter 12: Enrollment

“I still can’t believe the pair of you.” (Misato)
“We did get some ridiculous entry grades.” (James)
“I did blow a hole in the wall.” (Chester)
“So what were your end results?” (Misato)
“I’m a Grade Three Magician, tentatively. Apparently they need special permissions for anything higher.” (Chester)
“And I’m just his assistant, until I develop a magic tool to allow me to attack I can’t be registered as an independent student.” (James)
“That reminds me, they gave you a workshop right? Waiting for things to come from the blacksmiths must be tough though.” (Chester)
“I’ll make do, first we need to focus on learning the language though.” (James)

There first day at Magic Academy had been, eventful. After gaining the favour of the Headmaster and putting most the other students to shame, the two friends had become something like celebrities within the confines. The local Lord was wary of Chester’s destructive power, and the Mages Guild had been informed of his original spells. Even the nearby city, and the royal palace, had some witnesses of the blast from <<Rotary Cannon>>.

“Well, let’s walk James to his new workshop.” (Chester)
“Ah that reminds me, I was given these.” (Misato)

Misato held two small badge like objects, they were translation magic tools. They could be embedded into almost anything for various reasons. Misato’s was in the form of a necklace. The two gents quickly took them and started to work out where they’d wear them. Chester very quickly decided to attach it to his watch. While James was staring at it earnestly.

“Do you think if you made a lens version of this it could translate written text?” (James)
“Translation Glasses +1” (Chester)
“Something like that, it would be worth a try seeing that we can’t read yet.” (James)
“Misato do you mind helping out?” (Chester)
“Not at all, why?” (Misato)
“We’ll need someone to read the books to us that tell us how to read books.” (Chester)

It should also be mentioned that Chester and James were now wearing Magic Academy provided robes, however Chester’s lab coat was still over the top. The robes were easily replaced and used to reduce the expenses on replacement clothes in the event a spell goes wrong. And so the three merry friends started their life as students.

◆  ◆  ◆

“These engravings are like circuit boards right?” (Chester)
“Right, and spell you cast on them to create the initial flow of magic is like software.” (James)
“So once the hardware is complete I need to cast a spell that mimics what the tool is trying to accomplish?” (Chester)
“Right, now then. Misato which segment of the translation tool directly interferes with hearing? We want to change it to sight.” (James)
“Uhm hold on, according to this book it should be this layer here.” (Misato)

It had been over an hour since they begun work on the translation glasses, and they quickly learnt why tools weren’t mass produced. Ironically it seems nobody had tried using a mould or stamp method for their production, which was the attributing factor.

“Okay, Chester can use your <<Detect Magic>> to see how Misato’s eyes are reacting to magic?” (James)
“Sure, I’ll draw the shape on the diagram for you to engrave from.” (Chester)

They were currently going through trial and error, and a lot of reverse engineering, to create a lens that changed the perception of text into a form that the reader recognised. Of course the reader must at least know one language for it to be translated.

“Alright, try these ones.” (James)
“Yosh!” (Chester)

The prototype glasses quickly slipped onto his face, and when looking at a book the words began to reorganise themselves to ones he recognised. It was an extremely slow and exhausting process to read a single page.

“We need to streamline the flow of magic, the translation is extremely slow. The tool also sucks up a lot of magic, so we might have to redirect the source.” (Chester)
“Fumuu. As expected, it wouldn’t be that simple.” (James)

Like that they slaved away into the night, eventually creating two functional pairs. The prototypes were donated to the Academy. The Headmaster almost keeled over when the nonchalantly created something that could decrypt their countries military ciphers.

◆  ◆  ◆

On the third floor of Edelstein Magic Academy’s main building, a lecture was about to begin. Its teacher, who was from the field trip, happened to be an expert on summoning magic, which was the topic. This greatly excited Chester who abandoned James’ development to attend. He classed it as Space Magic, since it could summon objects. However he was unsure if it was true summoning, so he tried not to get his hopes up. Karen who caught wind of his attendance also followed.

“As expected, such a complex magic has low students.” (Karen)
“Hmm, from some viewpoints it might be complex.” (Chester)
“Oi get out of my way commoner!” (Alfred)

Shockingly, Alfred from the field trip was also attending, and had come to gravely dislike Chester’s status within the Academy.

“Ah good, we’re all here. Well I suppose we better start.” (Teacher)

Standing at the front of the mostly empty hall, the lecture started.

“Summoning magic can be split into two types. Temporary and Permanent. Temporary is the most used form of summoning magic, however it is extremely demanding on energy for long periods of time. The opposite is Permanent which after an initially enormous demand of energy does not require anything further.” (Teacher)

(So summoning magic doesn’t seem to be united.)

“Temporary Summoning’s are as they say, you’re using magic to summon something from your mind and keep its physical form. For example. If you needed a knife you can use summoning magic to summon a knife from your mind to use. When you cancel the spell however the knife will disappear.” (Teacher)

(That’s less like summoning and more like conjuring. I’ll write that down in my notebook for now, it’s probably not best to start rewriting the Academy’s magic classification from its roots.)

“Permanent Summoning’s are different, you’re using magic to summon something from somewhere else. The limitations on this are that you must be familiar with the object, and know its location. If you needed a knife you could summon one from home. This requires a lot of initial energy to cast, however since it stays with you it can be useful in long term situations.” (Teacher)

(This is what I wanted, spacial displacement magic.)

“Summoning a living thing is extremely difficult, at most a temporary one will last a single attack. A permanent one requires the original animal to be confined. As a result Summoners are usually only found in duels, not on the battlefield.” (Teacher)
“Like my family.” (Alfred)
“Yes indeed. Now Summoning as three stages. Picturing, Projecting and Summoning. Picturing is the process where you imagine what you want in your head, for example that knife from earlier. Projecting is when you imagine the knife from inside your head, in the real world, such as in your hand. This part of the process is usually done by projecting a magic circle onto the ground before you. Summoning is the transfer of magic to the world to create it.” (Teacher)

(The process is simple and replicates teleportation, but the instabilities from lack of knowledge are blindingly apparent.)

“The process is simple, but without an example I don’t think I can modify to suit my needs.” (Chester)
“It may sound simple but it’s extremely difficult and demanding. Don’t let that light magic get to your head, summoning is a whole different field.” (Teacher)
“Not really, it’s just physics. Which happens to be my speciality.” (Chester)

With the theoretical part of the lecture over, the teacher beckoned them to head to the practice field for a demonstration. Finally Chester would be able to work on what he wanted, instant transfer magic.


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