Science And Magic: Chapter 10

When Science and Magic Go To War ~Tales From Other Worlds~

Chapter 10: To The Magic Academy

Along a dirt track there was a carriage being pulled by a bipedal animal that could only be described as a dinosaur. Walking next to it was a young man wearing a lab coat, completely contrasting the fantasy setting around him.

“James this thing is a therapod! It’s a real dinosaur!” (Chester)
“That’s great, but it’s being used as a horse.” (James)
“Apparently it’s faster than a horse so they use it as a substitute for short trips. It’s also more agile so they probably use it in combat as a mount. Most importantly, imagine if we brought this back with us!” (Chester)
“NO! I refuse to indulge your fantasy of building Jurassic Park.” (James)
“Spoil sport.” (Chester)

With the ruins, and many spider corpses, behind them and Edelstein Magic Academy before them, the two friends were bickering away.

“Isn’t it strange how this world feels more like a mishmash of pieces of Earth?” (Chester)
“I understand where you’re coming from, maybe we should look into it? There’s always the possibility that life just naturally evolves into similar things.” (James)
“There’s far too many variables for this level of similarity. If I was to hazard a guess, it would be that the worlds link up sometimes.” (Chester)
“Well it’s an avenue of research, you’d probably need an entire team to solve the mysteries of this worlds connections to Earth.” (James)

Once more writing in his journal, Chester slapped it closed and put his arms behind his head as he walked.

“I wonder what level peoples reading and arithmetic skills are at.” (Chester)
“Why do you ask?” (James)
“The first person recorded to be able to read in his head, was considered blessed by God and climbed the ranks of the church very quickly.” (Chester)
“Right, and with modern education we do that without even trying.” (James)
“I could start my own religion Chesterism.” (Chester)
“It sounds more like a plan for world domination.” (James)
“Also we’d probably be able to put merchants to shame with our calculating speeds, let alone if we used a calculator.” (Chester)
“Yes, you really just want to exploit this world, don’t you?” (James)
“Maaaaaaaaaaybe.” (Chester)

Playfully laughing, Chester swung his fist out towards James who easily avoided the weak and clumsy strike.

◆  ◆  ◆

At the rear of the caravan were two other people talking, however they were girls. One of them was the noble merchant Karen, and the other was Misato.

“So tell about this Chester guy.” (Karen)
“Heh? What’s there to tell?” (Misato)
“Everything. Tell me all you know about him. Like his magic.” (Karen)

Misato clearly knew what Karen was after, however she also knew that even if she did reveal the information that she wouldn’t get what she wanted. To learn Chester’s magic one has to understand the scientific principles behind it, which was impossible without his tutoring. Chester himself would openly explain the magic, but never the principles it operated on. This meant she could explain the magic without worry of Karen copying it, and it meant that she would decrease the interrogation.

“Well <<Rotary Cannon>> was actually the first original spell he thought up, shortly after he became able to use magic. <<Killer Squall>> was an original spell derived from <<Rotary Cannon>> to compensate for its weakness.” (Misato)
“But how do they work?” (Karen)
“Well both of them are based on <<Light>>. He changed the colour of <<Light>> to make it blue and then shoots it towards the enemy. <<Rotary Cannon>> is two overcharged <<Light>> spells working in tandem to fire a single destructive beam towards the enemy.” (Misato)
“He turned the cantrip into such a destructive attack?” (Karen)
“That’s right, but despite its speed and power it has two fatal weaknesses. He can’t maintain it at full power for long, and it’s only useful for a single target.” (Misato)
“Which is why he made the derivative <<Killer Squall>>?” (Karen)
“That’s right, by reducing the size and focussing on penetration, the saved energy can be used to manifest more <<Light>> orbs. This lets him shoot beams in any direction randomly, taking out multiple targets, and he can sustain the attack for longer durations.” (Misato)

To be honest, the spells were already in the realm of genius. When you realised one was derived from the other, and that their basis was <<Light>> then it became even more apparent. No normal person would be able to replicate them, because the efficiency would drop exponentially.

“But how did he make the <<Light>> orbs attack?” (Karen)
“I don’t actually understand myself.” (Misato)

Karen was murmuring to herself incoherently, and Misato was about to move away to avoid further questions when she piped up again.

“Does he know any other spells.” (Karen)
“Hmmm. I taught him <<Flame>> but his was special. Rather than yellow like normal magic, his was blue and more powerful.” (Misato)

For the entire trip back to the Magic Academy, Misato was forced to recount Chester’s explanation of his blue flame. Karen was listening eagerly for the first time in a while.

◆  ◆  ◆

Half a day had passed and Chester was exhausted on the back of a carriage. It had barely taken him an hour to reach the limits of his stamina, and was forced to take periodic breaks. It was truly a testament to his lack of fitness.

“Wimp.” (James)
“You’ll barely survive here like that.” (Misato)
“Now now, he’s just not used to travel. People with intellect have people travel for them.” (Karen)
“That’s right! Karen understands me.” (Chester)
“Oh for the love of…” (James)
“Don’t even finish that sentence. There’s too many risks involved.” (Chester)

Spread out in front of them was a large castle-like structure, the Edelstein Magic Academy. At the centre was the main keep, it was a blocky square structure that comprised of the main educational facility and library. It’s exterior was isolated by large wall, with square towers. Adjacent to it, was another building split in two, with a large tower at either end. These were the dorms, one tower for each gender, and the connecting building was for the teachers. Nearby was a smaller building for the servants and other unofficial personnel. Scattered below was a collection of buildings comparable to a hamlet for various purposes and designated training fields were placed in areas distant from any buildings. Surrounding all of this was another wall, this wall was much larger than the interior defensive wall, and had circular towers, which marked the edge of the Academy. Embedded in it was a large cuboid gate, which meant the Academy could serve as a fort in wartime.

“Was this a repurposed castle? Or was the Academy designed to function as a castle?” (Chester)
“A bit of both, it’s a military fort without military personnel. Since it’s so openly used its layout is well known, so its actual strategic value is only in location and supplies.” (Karen)
“It was originally just the hamlet and barracks as a small military depot, but the Keep and both walls were added over time for the Academy when it got founded here.” (Misato)
“I see, Edelstein deserves more credit than I originally granted.” (James)

Contrary to its huge size, the number of students here was actually comparatively low, however their advantage on the battlefield made the costs worth the benefits. Like this, the field trip came to an end and the party arrived at the Magic Academy.

“Now I just need to enrol.” (Chester)
“The Academy should have prepared your examination, if you two gents will follow me. The rest can…do whatever it is you’re supposed to do.” (Teacher)
“Me?” (James)
“Yes, you too.” (Teacher)
“How exciting. Let the Magic Academy Arc begin!” (Chester)


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