Science and Magic: Chapter 1

When Science and Magic Go To War ~Tales From Other Worlds~

Chapter 1: Thesis On Other Worlds

It’s a Sunday afternoon, locked up in his room is a boy in his late teens asleep on his desk. His PC having gone dark from inactivity. The name of this person is Chester Shizuku, or Shizuku Chester from the perspective of the Japanese people he is lodging with. Chester is a half-Japanese English university student, formerly. His thesis has been rejected once again. While he continued to slave away at writing it, nobody will accept his radical notion.

Eventually his alarm rang out and he groggily pulled up from the desk and looked at his computer.

“Still more rejections, well that’s to be expected.”

Stretching his arms and legs, he leant back into his chair, to his regret. The chair bent to accommodate his movement and with a loud tumble he fell onto the floor of his room. Taking a moment to process what happened he eventually pulled himself from under the chair which was pinning him to the wall. As he stood up his figure became clear, he was a slim and tall young man, with a clean face that made him look in his mid-teens. His hair was dark and messy, but clean and well maintained. Most notably he was wearing a large pair of glasses, which gave the illusion that his otherwise long face was well proportioned.

“I suppose writing a scientific thesis on ‘magic’ is just too ridiculous for anyone. Even if you science up the name as ‘double superpositioned particles’. Making fiction reality is difficult.”

Chester’s thesis is on particles that both exist and don’t exist at the same time, as well as being a wave and a particle at the same time. In other words, they are everything and nothing simultaneously. If one could manipulate them then the laws of physics could be easily broken, and the result would be comparable to magic. However, without funding he can’t prove they exist, let alone find a way to control them.

“My parents will kill me if I don’t get a job soon.”

He said, dejectedly looking at his bank balance. With a heavy sigh he got dressed and started writing some more emails from his phone. At that moment a car’s horn was heard from his window.

“Oh crap! My date!”

Chester’s date was entirely not what you’d expect from a date, or perhaps it was exactly what you’d expect from an otaku that wrote a theoretical physics paper on magic. He was meeting up with his long-time friend, and former research partner, James. He was now working as an engineer at the local docks.

The coastline where Chester lived was split into three parts. The docks, beach and port respectively. The docks were military owned and acted as a shipyard and supply depot for the navies that operated in the area. The beach was public, and artificially made by sand trapped between the two harbour walls. The port was commercial, and used by passenger and cargo ships, however despite the wider scope it was significantly smaller than the adjacent docks.

“You’re late!” (James)
“Sorry, sorry. I fell asleep at my desk again. It’s hard being a failure student.” (Chester)

As Chester dived into the passenger seat of James’ small red car, he got to see the profile of the friend who had been absent for well over a year. James was not as tall as Chester, however he was taller than average. Unlike the borderline anorexic Chester, James had a well-defined body with a healthy body mass and faintly visible muscles.

“Anyway I only called you because you’ll love what I’ve got to show you. This new material we’re working with down the docks will have you stoked.” (James)

With a voice brimming with anticipation, James changed gears and pulled away from the small apartment building Chester was lodging in. As cars and buildings rolled by, eventually the familiar cranes loomed before them. A large checkpoint with armed guards separated them from their destination, and eventually they pulled up to the security post.

“Permit and business?” (Soldier)
“Hold on, this is my permit. I’m just here to show my colleague a sample of the MA1.” (James)

Handing an ID card and a paper slip, James patiently awaited the soldiers response. Chester nervously furrowed his brow, he wasn’t good in tense situations like this, and always thought something would go horribly wrong.

“You’re cleared.” (Soldier)
“Thank you very much.” (James)

The worst didn’t happen and they passed the checkpoint, entering the military docks. After parking, James escorted an obviously uncomfortable Chester to a small modular building. Inside was a sealed case and several pieces of equipment.

“Inside that case is a sample of MA1. Or Meteor Alloy 1. It’s not a very original codename but at least it’s what it says on the tin. The alloy is extremely unique, there’s an unknown element we can’t identify properly because this thing nullifies almost all forms of radiation we know.” (James)
“So the periodic table will need updating? But how does it nullify radiation? Is it not just extremely dense?” (Chester)
“This sample here barely weighs a few kilograms, it’s no denser than iron.” (James)
“Fumuuu. So this is the military’s new wonder alloy. EMP protection would be extremely cheap if you could replicate it. Do you mind if I read the logs?” (Chester)

Without even waiting for a response, he was sat at the computers running through the files. Each time he opened a new one blood was visibly draining from his face. James, oblivious, just stared at the case. Sneakily, Chester pulled out a USB device and plugged it in to the computer, a program started up.

>Double SuperPositioned Particles Confirmed.
>>Commencing Analysis
>>>Please Wait
>>>Analysis Complete
>>Compressing Data
>>Gathering Samples
>Initiating Program…

“James…the worlds about to change…” (Chester)

When James turned around and saw the screen, his jaw dropped, the revelation that the military not only confirmed his friends thesis…but also that he had been working with magic was too much.

◆  ◆  ◆

Meanwhile in a distant world, a group of uniformly dressed people were walking around some ruins. At the rear was a large rotund man, with white hair and a staff. He was heavily adorned in jewellery and expensive attire. Before him were three students of about high school age. They were all wearing long midnight blue robes with an emerald mantle. At the front was a boy that could only be described as a bishounen. His face was the type that lured in women, and his wiles equally so. Behind him was an average girl, her chest large enough to be noticeable under the robe and her face had all the features required to be classified as beautiful. Below her ears were two highly expensive earrings made with several precious gems.

To the side was another girl, she had long black hair, and had no striking features. She was pretty, but could easily blend into a crowd and be dismissed. The robe hid her figure perfectly, and her face was almost emotionless. Her name was Misato, a student at Edelstein Magic Academy.

“If you have time we should go for a stroll once we return to the academy.” (Boy)
“That would be wonderful, however we should focus on our excavation currently.” (Girl)
“Yes, as expected of the wonderful Lady Karen.” (Boy)
“Fufufufu. You flatter me, Alfred.” (Karen)
“Eugh, I feel sick.” (Misato)

Desperately attempting to ignore the flirting of the couple in the background, and to avoid the gaze of the pig that was posing as their teacher, she was examining the ruin walls. The structure was somewhere between Stonehenge and the Parthenon. It was similar in design to the old Oracle temples, however the walls were long collapsed and the floor broken in areas. The remnants of engravings still lingered on in areas.

(To think that this used to be used for summoning things and teleporting things. I wonder why it fell out of disuse.)

The structure they were excavating was a former transportation temple, that was used in ancient times to move goods and people across the world. The high risk and low success rate eventually made it lose out to other methods of transport. As she ran her hands over the wall, her finger brushed one of the engravings and suddenly she felt her mind go white.

“This…is…?” (Misato)

Her body felt heavy and she knelt.

(It’s drawing out my magic, all of it.)

The ruins suddenly light up, the engravings becoming luminescent and a gently hum could be heard. The ruins, without instruction and lacking segments of its engravings didn’t know whether to send or receive, to open a portal or to teleport. It simply gathered energy, reached critical mass and broke down the laws of physics. It awaited orders from the other side.

“What’s going on?!” (Karen)
“Don’t panic, I’ll protect you.” (Alfred)
“What have you done?!” (Teacher)

Coincidentally the magic frequency perfectly matched a sample that was currently being housed on Earth, and every living thing in its vicinity was dragged to the ruins.


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