When Science And Magic: TOC

When Science And Magic Go To War ~Tales From Other Worlds~


In an era of science, modern day Japan, a university dropout spends his life wishfully trying to convince the masses about the reality of magic. When his friend drops an interesting research opportunity on his door he can barely contain his excitement. Little does he know that the following events would, literally, be out of this world.


Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, SciFi


On hiatus until PC is repaired

Table of Contents:

The Summoning Arc:
Chapter 1: Thesis On Other Worlds
Chapter 2: Small Step For Man
Chapter 3: Juxtaposition Exposition
Chapter 4: Battle With The Spider King
Chapter 5: The Magical Girls Apprentice
Chapter 6: The Science of Magic
Chapter 7: Battle With The Spider Horde
Chapter 8: Battle With The Spider Queen
Chapter 9: Field Trip’s End
Chapter 10: To The Magic Academy

Magic Academy Arc:
Chapter 11 Part 1: Examinations (Chester)
Chapter 11 Part 2: Examinations (James)
Chapter 12: Enrollment
Chapter 13: Classroom Crisis
Chapter 14: Time To Duel
Chapter 15: Breakthrough
Chapter 16: Breakdown
Chapter 17: Breakout
Chapter 18: Unrecognised Genius
Chapter 19: Transfer Students Transfer


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