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So my PC has broken down again so I won’t be able to update for a while. Grrr. I thought I had it fixed when I replaced the CMOS battery, did a reset and a safe start. But once again the motherboard and the other components are refusing to talk to each other.

Oh well, I’ll try and update as soon as possible.


When Science And Magic: Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Last chapter of the week, I’m going to have to spend the weekend writing a lot. I’ve been too busy reading web novels to write my own, watching the number of scheduled chapters dwindle is scary. Anyway, this chapter sets up a plot point that I haven’t even got round to planning out yet. That just goes to show how long this novel will last, since I have about a years worth of stuff write.

When Science And Magic: Chapter 11 Part 2

Chapter 11 Part 2

The second part of Chapter 11 is out! Facing off against the same questions, what differences arise between our two protagonists? Did the subtle choice of words foreshadow something greater?

I haven’t been writing much this past week so I am worried that I might actually run out of stockpiled chapters from when I was writing frequently. Writing the romance is painfully difficult for me, as someone who isn’t very good with emotions.

When Science And Magic: Chapter 11 Part 1

Hello to the handful of regular readers and thank you for tolerating my poor writing for over an entire week now! We finally start the second arc with a two part chapter delving into the difference in mentality between Chester and James. Just what makes a strategist different from a tactician in their eyes?

Find out more about Chester in Part 1!
We’ll explore James’ responses tomorrow!

When Science And Magic: Map And Arc Finale!

Fantasy Peninsular Map

The end of the first arc is upon us! And so our journey into the world of sword and magic kicks off with an academy arc! (Not only that but there’s another academy arc afterwards, I swear I wasn’t deliberately following tropes…it just worked out that way!)

Also I probably should have mentioned the super crude map that you can see on this post that I made in two minutes as a reference tool for when I was working out travel times. I was originally going to use the same map tool that I use for Dungeons And Dragons but I realised that I would end up eating hours of my time for something that I will be editing and retconning a lot in the future. (In the original plot in the first draft there was an arc where the islands were going to be obliterated, and originally there was no North Pole)

So the new chapter is here!