About Robinxen


My name is Mark Robinson, online I go by the name of Robinxen. The name Robinxen is derived from multiple different gaming names notably Xenon and Xendeleev, which while being an element and play on the name Mendeleev are also derived from Xen which means foreign or alien, the Robin part of the name comes from my favourite bird. Of course the name is also a play on my surname, which is why it has stuck as opposed to my previous online names.

So a bit about myself, my hometown is a “small quaint” town in South East England. As I write this, so a while in the past now, I am 20 and a true NEET. Moreover I am a self-professed scientist and avid researcher into Quantum Mechanics, despite my studied subjects not reflecting that. On the subject of subjects, I formerly studied Biology, History and Psychology before going on to study Computer Games Enterprise where I developed my anime addiction.

Among those around me I am well known for my quirks, gaming, cosplay, controversial statements, argument instigation and for being a loyal friend, not to mention the greatest nerd of all time.
(Did I mention for also having a huge ego?)

This blog was a kind of 2.0 of an older blog, which was designed to give an insight into my life and display how autism was a contributing factor to my personality. This one however is more to showcase my interests and to connect with those like me.

Live Long and Prosper.


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