This title is a joke. I apologise.
So my Hoshii Miki model came, completing the trio of iDOLM@STER characters I ordered. To refresh, that’s Iori, Miki and Chihaya.

And while talking with my friend today we posited the idea of “What if the idols at 765 Pro were magical girls?”

So of course we got carried away and went ahead to create a world where Idols were actually Magical Girls battling monsters called Noise. Meanwhile rival group 961 are up to their usual no good, trying to upstage their rivals. Somehow it felt like we just ripped off Symphogear and Omega Quintet there but it’s not like they were original either right?
So The 765th Test Platoon at Magic Academy………ahem.

So the idols we actually managed to settle on magical abilities for are the following:

Chihaya Kisaragi- Her power comes from her voice, and her magical weapon is a transforming megaphone capable of amplifying sonic waves. Her trump card is converting her megaphone into a Sonic Sniper Rifle, capable of pinpoint long rage attacks.

Iori Minase- Her power comes from her charm and her magical weapon is embedded in her bunny. She is capable of inflicting status effects such as Charm and Confuse. Her trump card is resizing her bunny and creating two clones for a total fighting force of three, Usa-chan, Charles and Sebastian respectively.

Hibiki Ganaha- She has no iconic magical weapon to speak of, as her power comes from the ability to summon creatures for battle. Her summons are in fact just magically transformed versions of her pets. Her trump card is simply summoning multiple at once.

Makoto Kikuchi- She has no magical power?! Her combat ability relies entirely in raw physical strength and not magical powers, something that thoroughly annoys her.

Yukiho Hagiwara- Her magical weapon is a transforming shovel and her trump card is turning it into a drill, capable of literally undermining the opposition.

Ami and Mami Futami- Their magical weapons are numerous transforming gadgets perfect for any situation from combat to pulling pranks. Their trump card is combining their weapons into a single giant hammer.

Takane Shijou- Her power is [REDACTED] and her magical weapon is [REDACTED]. She mostly operates as a mysterious solo agent and rarely works as part of a team.

Ritsuko Akizuki- Her magical power is Coordination, and her magical weapon is her glasses. She plays the roll of support, capable of receiving and transmitting information to the other idols from the office.

That just leaves Haruka, Yayoi, Azusa and Miki.
Debates are open for most, but the current arguments are that Haruka could be a tradtional magical girl or perhaps have the ability to apply status buffs to allies via a standard microphone.
Meanwhile Miki’s ability would be related to dance, and maybe the ability to inflict Sleep?


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