Crunchyroll Anime Awards Speculation

With just over 7 days until the Anime Awards hosted by Crunchyroll open their doors, let’s take a look at some of the categories and the candidates I hope to see out of the anime I watched last year. We will leave anime of the year and best continuing series open (because can anything top the final season of the Monogatari series, not including the epilogue), so I’m going to get right down to my personal favourites in each category. So where will I place my votes?

Best Action:
Best action is an easy one to find candidates for, whether it be espionage, superpowers or magic duels we’ve had it all in 2017. But which are the best?
Earlier in the year in we had Rewrite Season 2 and Chain Chronicle, in addition to my guilty pleasure Schoolgirl Strikers. The season after, we had My Hero Academia Season 2 and Re:Creators offering a plethora of varied power matchups. Summer granted us Fate/Aprocrypha, Princess Principal and Knight’s & Magic. Then the year ended on notes such as Kekkai Sensen & Beyond and UQ Holder.

Frankly speaking my personal favourites as anime are Princess Principal and Re:Creators, however on action alone I think the well thought choreographed and dramatic one on one matches from My Hero Academia won this year.
I will give special mention to Symphogear for such scenes as punching tank shells aside.

Best Animation:
This is such a subjective category that anything goes, as long as it isn’t Fate/Aprocrypha.
If you’re a fan of the dramatic comic style of My Hero Academia or the gritty feel of Princess Principal it doesn’t matter. This year had throwbacks to the hand drawn era and was at the forefront of digital animation. So just what could be best animated? I’ll leave it up to you.

cough Tsuki ga Kirei cough

Best C.G.I.:
Land of the Lustrous

Best Comedy:
We’re entering personal preferences entirely now, because the best comedy should be the one that makes you laugh most and not all jokes make everyone laugh. So which anime didn’t need a laugh track to masquerade as a comedy? KonoSuba for starters, with season 2 starting at the beginning of the year this comedic deconstruction of the isekai genre is etched into everyones memories as the anti-Re:Zero, airing alongside Dragon Maid we have two strong contenders right out of the gate. Spring gave us its own share of comedies like the infamous Eromanga-Sensei, Sakura Quest and the best girl war that is How To Raise A Boring Heroine Flat. Summer refused to let us recover from our laughing fits though, both Gamers and Tsurezure Children reminded us that student love comedy misunderstandings still have their charm. Finally we have the most gif’d comedy of all time, Blend S, and it’s competitors Recovery of an MMO Junkie and A Sister’s All You Need.

So who are my favourite contenders for top spot? Well I’m going to put my money on Blend S, but my personal favourite is Gamers. That’s probably my bias as a gamer talking, and not my attraction to Karen Tendou. Probably.
But then again Blend S has Kaho.

Best Drama:
I personally don’t like drama, drama is the technically term for “how moronic can we make our characters for the sake of plot” for those who don’t know. Apparently people like stuff like that, so I’m going to look for an anime I watched in 2017 that has the drama tag and just roll with that.

And apparently favourite to win is Classroom of the Elite.

Best Boy/Best Girl:
I’m not even going to start listing candidates because it will just incite a war of unknown proportions. So I will skip to my biased opinion, and the winner for best girl is Noire!
Wait what do you mean she wasn’t from this year? She’s my waifu does it matter? Then what about MikiMiki? Takao? Okay fine Weiss then. She’s not from an anime? Tsk.

Okay let’s get serious and look for the Best of 2017….
Nope this is impossible, forgive me! How can I possibly pick a single girl from all this 2D wonders?!

Oh, Best Boy? Uhm…let’s just go with Araragi from Owarimonogatari. What do you mean that’s a continuing series? Eugh you’re too picky.

Best Film:
Does anyone remember how we spent all of 2017 ranting about how amazing Your Name was? Well too bad, because that was released in 2016! So let’s go look for our lucky winner!

Let’s be honest though is there anything that can trump Sword Art Online in popularity and action?

Best Manga:
I’m going to be biased towards the manga I own so I hereby disqualify myself from speculating.

Best Opening/Ending:
I could be here for hours thinking of openings and endings worth voting for, albeit Gravity Wall from Re:Creators to Mirai-kei Strikers from Schoolgirl Strikers. In this case I would consider voting as my mood takes me. I do wonder what other peoples favourites are.

Best Score:
I had to put a lot of thought into this one between Re:Creators, Princess Principal and Kekkai Sensen & Beyond. I still couldn’t come to a conclusion, so let it be known that one of these is the one I hope to win.

Best Slice of Life:
2017 was a strange year for me, in that I spent a lot of time watching Slice of Life shows that I normally don’t watch. Enough so that I actually got sick of shows lacking plot arcs.

However, hand in hand with the Comedy I am placing my bets on Blend S.

Best Hero and Villain:
I think we can all safely say the best and truest hero in every sense of the word is the fan favourite Deku from My Hero Academia. So who do we have as our villain candidates? Let us take a look, my personal favourites are the spider freak from Kekkai Sensen & Beyond for successfully putting our protagonist in a place of sheer terror and Ougi from Owarimonogatari for the plot twist being that she was the protagonist all along. I think I hated Ougi more though, so she… he… it… wins.

So what do you think? I can’t possibly go through every anime that was shown this year and do a breakdown of them all, some of the ones that made it on this list I haven’t even watched aside from gifs and clips in an attempt to be as comprehensive as possible. Let me know what you think!


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