2018 Starto!

Hello ladies and gentlemen, waifus and traps, humans and aliens,

I’ve been away for an unprecedented amount of time and am finally getting back on my feet. (Though my status as NEET hasn’t changed). Things have changed a lot since my last post, I’ve broken through 500 anime, my waifu has more competitors and I know have a collection of physical merchandise. So let’s start off with a breakdown of where I will go from here and what I’m watching this year.

The basic format of my blog won’t change, I’ll be pumping out reviews more frequently now to make up lost time and I will be spending more time writing about anime as a whole. In short you should expect more news and personal opinions on goings on.

So let’s get personal. This year is BIG in anime for me. A lot of important anime to me are getting sequels. This includes but is not limited to, A Certain Magical Index, My Hero Academia, Sword Art Online and Steins;Gate.
There’s also plenty of newcomers I’m excited for like Darling in the FranXX, Fate/Extra and Arifureta.
(I refuse to mention Grancrest Senki after episode 2 butchering the manga but I will give that it’s own post in just a bit)

So lets look forward to a new year of anime!


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