When Science And Magic: Map And Arc Finale!

Fantasy Peninsular Map

The end of the first arc is upon us! And so our journey into the world of sword and magic kicks off with an academy arc! (Not only that but there’s another academy arc afterwards, I swear I wasn’t deliberately following tropes…it just worked out that way!)

Also I probably should have mentioned the super crude map that you can see on this post that I made in two minutes as a reference tool for when I was working out travel times. I was originally going to use the same map tool that I use for Dungeons And Dragons but I realised that I would end up eating hours of my time for something that I will be editing and retconning a lot in the future. (In the original plot in the first draft there was an arc where the islands were going to be obliterated, and originally there was no North Pole)

So the new chapter is here!


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