Chapter 5 of Science And Magic

The fifth chapter of When Science And Magic Go To War is now uploaded!
Sometimes I question if this is worth doing, it’s like publicly exposing all of my fantasies online. Even more so when I look the my notes for this thing. You know I have over 100 chapters already mapped out? I’ve barely even started writing them. On top of that I have dozens of plot ideas for what comes after those chapters. In other words don’t expect this novel to end before a year is up.

Anyway, we’re now half way through the first arc, which is probably the best written frustratingly. During the second arc my PC went kaput and I couldn’t write for ages so I lost the flow a bit. The third arc is currently being written, but I am still trying to recall all the foreshadowing I placed in the first two arcs so it’s slow going.

Wait, everything I’m writing will put you off reading! Ignore this! Go read!
Look! Click here and enjoy the story!


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