When Science And Magic: Second Chapter!

Cue drum roll, I have succesfully posted an update to the web novel two days in a row. Well this isn’t too surprising giving the stockpile of chapters I have from when I first started writing it. If it wasn’t for my PC having a break down then I would probably have uploaded it earlier.

Anyway here we have the glorious CHAPTER 2

For reasons of accessibility I am going to inform you that the current arc lasts 10 chapters, which is four times longer than it was in the first draft of this novel. I will probably upload daily for the first five and then switch to every other day, or else His Laziness won’t be able to keep up with writing.

If I ever get the time I will mass upload the “legacy version” of this novels first draft. (When Science And Magic Go To War, without the ~Tales From Other Worlds~) It really was a first draft though, the second draft has reached the same length and hasn’t even covered half of the plot from the draft. To be honest the first arc didn’t even exist in the first draft, they just kind of dropped in, then the next chapter they’re in the second arc.


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