When Science And Magic: Chapter 1

It’s been almost a year since I last posted, so I figured I should upload some content. Recently I have become a true NEET, refusing to leave the house. I do have the new hobby of writing however, but since I am too unconvinced at my skill I hadn’t done anything with it until recently. So I decided to write a web novel, in the style of the Japanese ones that I read so much!

The novel follows the adventures of my alter-ego Chester Shizuku, as he makes a scientific breakthrough into the realm of magic! Alongside his, male, childhood friend he gets wrapped up in an unprecedented accident causing them to get flung to the far reaches of the universe. Cut off from Earth, there’s only one thing to do…become heroes in another world!

Ta da!

I should point out I actually wrote this months ago and I forgot what I wrote, so I cannot attest to its quality. I’ve resumed work on it however and since it was getting long I wanted to do something with it.


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