Story Ideas

I’ve previously expressed my interest in writing a new story, however as per usual I hit the “too many ideas” snag. So I thought I’d lay my favourites out, see if that helps me decide. Maybe get some feedback. If not then I’ll just continue as is. Anyway:

My first idea is a complete rip off, the reason I like it so much is because I want to do it properly. The idea is simple, 118 (give or take) people on the planet have a unique ability to manipulate a single element on the periodic table. This is not limited to ones naturally occurring on Earth, nor is it limited to ones we’ve discovered. The “Elementals” will be split into several factions based on their ideological beliefs and such, and will end up getting caught up in numerous events. Think of it like Qwaser of Stigmata meets Akame Ga Kill. Qwaser would have been one of my favourite anime if it wasn’t for the absolutely unnecessary borderline hentai, instead I had to drop it after forcing myself to watch less than half. Another reason I like this is because I can bring reality along with it.

My second idea is less of a rip off, as you may know I am a big fan of the whole “modern meets medieval” idea. I’m also a massive Dungeons and Dragons player, so I thought of doing the whole transported to another world story. I like this one because I can place pseudocopies of my friends as the main characters, keeping things interesting and realistic. Though this is the one I think will be easiest to do, it is also mildly overdone.

My final idea that I am going to explain, though by all means it is not my last idea, is the standard scifi fanfare of a group of people in space. Again I’d probably pseudocopy my friends into a science fiction environment where they ended up having to save the galaxy. Though I wouldn’t do it in the typical way, it would probably be them saving it by proxy than directly. Nobody would place the fate of the galaxy in my friends, not unless there was an impossible reason.

Well I think I’ll leave it at that, I have some work to do.
See you around!


2 thoughts on “Story Ideas

  1. I know what you mean about the too many ideas bit. I am currently working on one standalone novel and crap ton of fanfictions and, as you so eloquently put it, rip-offs. I really like your first idea, but I tried having 24 main characters once. It’s really hard to keep up with that many people, I can’t imagine 118.
    All of these ideas sound great though!


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