The Magic of Blue Hair

This was a really hard one to title but I think I nailed it pretty well. This is just a little tidbit post that I thought of.

Until recently there was a solid theme in my top five favourite characters:
Number 1-They all had blue hair and Number 2-They all used magic.
This isn’t even an exaggeration! If it wasn’t for Mikoto Misaka (A Certain Scientific Railgun) it would have stayed that way much longer.

Let me give you a breakdown of those all important five.

Wendy Marvell (Fairy Tail) – I started with Wendy because she is one of the odder ones in this list. The reason she was among my favourites was not because of some weird fetish, her recognisable voice actress or anything strange like that. It’s just because I genuinely like the character, honestly against the exaggerated other members of Fairy Tail she seems normal.

Levy McGarden (Fairy Tail) – Okay so I would normally try to avoid having two from the same franchise in one list, however when you’re like me and intelligence means more than sex appeal…Levy can not be avoided. Genius bookworm, capable and of course pretty she’s almost perfect. What I don’t understand is her interest in Gajeel, but it probably doesn’t help that he is the exact type of character I dislike.

Tabitha (Familiar of Zero) – The original Levy, I say this because Levy replaced Tabitha in my top five listing. Genius bookworm, capable and pretty…basically the same as Levy. The only problem I had with Tabitha was her lack of screen time once she came out of her shell, but that wasn’t too bad.

Lelei la Lalena (GATE) – Again I promise no ulterior motive here! I just think she’s cute and her ability to incorporate our scientific understanding into magical ability is really something I love. Any situation where modern meets fantasy I also love the bits where our world impacts theirs. It’s part what makes GATE, Familiar of Zero and Log Horizon interest me.

 Shiroe (Log Horizon) – The first male on this list! Also the only. Shiroe is my ideal self, well not ideal. However if I saw myself in anime it would be as a Shiroe-like character. Smart, manipulative and a support magic user.  Tackling problems with brains instead of brawn is my style, and that fact he’s not too social but chose a people dependent role is also something I’d do.
Again, he also incorporates his knowledge of our world with others to create new things using magic.

I felt like I should add an honourable mention, she has potential to work her way into this list in the future:

Aqua (KonoSuba) – As an anime that’s only just starting airing it’s impossible to say with certainty, however her personality and physicality certainly meet enough criteria to qualify. She may be lacking in brains but she certainly has enough energy to be likable…at least that’s what I think as of episode 1. I wonder how this will go.


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