A New Season

So a new season of anime has begun, so I thought I’d give you a break down of my first impressions of those all important first episodes! For this post I’ll just be looking at 10 of this seasons anime that have caught my attention, in no particular order.

Assassination Classroom 2nd Season: As a second season this probably requires little explanation. However the continued adventures of the isolated classroom and their superpowered teacher promise to be packed full of humour, friendship and assassination attempts.

GATE Thus the JSDF Fought There Part 2: The continued adventures of Recon Squad 3 in the Special Region promises plenty of action. From the continuation of the modern vs medieval countries, the battle with a fire dragon and plenty more action. Itami better be ready to kick names and take ass. I think I got that one backwards.

Girls Beyond The Wasteland: I’m not sure exactly how this one is going to go down, but I am all for a girl led team making a video game with a highschool drama author at the helm. As a student of Computer Games Enterprise I am personally interested in how they explore certain topics.

Norn9: Norn9 is simply put an elegant and beautiful piece of work, I have no prior knowledge of the franchise however so I am unable to give any indications on how it will develop. However if it looks and sounds as pretty as it does the whole way through, then maybe it’ll win on that merit alone.

Dimension W: I have been waiting for this one, and I was pleasantly surprised when it took a less grimy approach to a Cyberpunk world than I was anticipating. In fact I am excited to see how this one pans out, especially given the I, Robot dynamic.

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash: I actually have no idea what to make of this, the art style is a little off putting. The characters are weak and annoying. The world is hardly explained. Not to mention that you really are dumped in medias res. According to a helpful soul on the internet though this anime should tackle realistic people overcoming adversity in an unrealistic world, I just hope we see that sooner than later.

Divine Gate: One of those generic anime, really I am not expecting much from this except to pass the time. However the nice shadowrun vibe it gives does provide a nice sense of nostalgia for those familiar with it.

Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle: Clearly designed to fill the void left by Infinite Stratos, Bahamut Chronicle is the new War on Geminar! With nobles battling it out in mech suits in a variant of a medieval fantasy world, you can’t really blame me for making the connection.

Myriad Colours Phantom World: You know, this one has been all over the internet…boob physics aside this is actually a cute anime that has some potential to give some interesting plot. Personally I just enjoy it for the bright colours, pixel monsters and the fact the main character wages war with a sketchpad.

ERASED: Okay I have to admit, I haven’t started watching this yet. However given the plot description and the online support I know I’ll like it, I’ve also concluded that I’ll probably enjoy watching it without gaps between episodes more. As a result I will be waiting a while before I watch this one.

What about you people, anything caught your eye?


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