In Review: Kokoro Connect

I haven’t done a review in a while so I’ll do one for perhaps the most emotional anime I have watched since I took a break. Of course, that is Kokoroco.


Kokoro Connect is a special anime, it follows five believable people in unbelievable situations. Having ended up in a club together by a twist of fate they gain the attention a supernatural being for their interesting group bond. One after the other the group is thrown into supernatural situations that would cause normal friendships to collapse. Together they eventually overcome the impossible, and learn plenty about themselves and each other along the way.

The story itself seems pretty generic, the most advertised part is the first arc of body swapping, which is not that uncommon as a plot point, the true soul of the anime however is in the other arcs and character development. Even if in the final arc it feels a little forced. Each arc is based on a single volume of the light novels, focusing a mostly self contained story revolving around a single phenomena that group is exposed to. The overall development of the characters however is still kept fluid. To start with the anime can be quite confusing, it opens with the body swapping phenomenon, so learning names and faces is an extremely difficult task when everyone’s switching with everyone. Once the dust has settled however the other phenomena really explore each characters strengths and weaknesses.

Of course as I said, the true soul of the anime, are the believable characters in unbelievable situations.
Taichi-The main character of the anime, he’s the knight of the group, with a selfless and forward personality. He tries to see the positives of every situation he finds himself in.
Iori Nagase-Iori is the heart of the group, she sets the mood of the group and is always acting as energetically possible. The phenomena take the biggest toll on her however as the leader of the group.
Himeko Inaba-Inaba is the brain of the group, she’s a direct and logical person. She appears rather asocial and prefers to be in control of the situation, often working out the specifics with a knack for deduction.
Yui Kiriyama-Yui is the quietest of the group, despite still having a high energy capacity. Her physical talents are great, yet her personality reflects that of a delicate cute girl.
Aoki-Aoki is the least contributive to the group, by his own acknowledgment. However he still plays an important role in easing tensions and bridging fallouts, placing a lot of faith in the bonds of the group.

The short term epilogue can leave you wanting more, as it only shows the immediate future. This is mostly because the light novel series goes on for some time after checkout here for the translations, and defan’s blog for the direct continuation from where the anime left off. This is one of those anime where I can give a huge list of anime that are similar in plot and feel. The most obvious being the body swap supernatural Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches. Of course Angel Beats! and Little Busters! also have the same feel. I think I’ll leave those as the big ones, if you need anymore just ask though.

Anyway I know I have a new waifu after seeing this.
“You’ll discover that problems have a way of working themselves out if you talk to your friends.”


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