In Review: Library War

This is the anime I most recently finished, since that was only yesterday it seemed fitting that it be the one I reviewed today.mjv-art-org_-_40000-1920x1200-librarywar-kasaharaiku-atsushidoujou-tezukahikaru-gendaryusuke-komakimikihisa-1024x640

Library War has the most outlandish plot for a realistic military anime, it’s literally as the name implies. In the near future, Japan’s Government passes a law that enables the censoring of published arts. The ruthless censorship eventually leads to collateral damage. To counter this local governments pass the Library Act. To protect themselves against the Media Commission, all major libraries are fully equipped with a military Defence Force, who take it upon themselves to protect the books and freedom of media of the people. And to ensure that new media is protected a Task Force is established to go beyond the confines of the library to retrieve new material. With the two sides established, laws and agreements were passed to control the conflict, this is a war with rules.

The story follows Kasahara as she aspires to join the Defence Force. Though she has the determination and physical prowess, she lacks the finesse and intellectual focus. She goes through a lot, and ends up the first female in the Task Force, but things are about to get really interesting. With a roommate that has an infallible information network, inside and outside the library, an overprotective instructor as a superior and a colleague with more than a few strings attached, there’s no end to the shenanigans and problems that she ends up in.

The characters aren’t particularly deep, but they can feel like real people, even if they are slightly over-dramatic and such.
Kasahara-The main character of the story, she’s got a serious drive to protect books, it starts for a stupid reason but she keeps going for a very developed reason.
Dojo-Dojo is a strict leader and has a straight character. He’s tough on Kasahara but cares deeply for her, though both of them are blind to the others feelings.
Shibasaki-Kasahara’s roommate and the librarians informant, she spends most of her time running the library but supports the Task Force with information from her network when they’re offsite or dealing with political problems.
Tezuka-Drafted into the Task Force alongside Kasahara, he initially fails to acknowledge her and gives her a hard time. However Dojo imposes that there’s much he can learn from her.

The anime initially put me off, but I warmed up to it. I found it difficult to watch for an extended amount of time however, maxing out at 4 episodes a day before it got dull. Still, it is well worth a watch, especially if you want a different take on the military and wars. I ended up watching it by accident as a result of me watching GATE, since they both have a military theme.

“Energy in adversity!”


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