In Review: Ga-Rei Zero

So Ga-Rei: Zero was an anime that I was asked to watch by a friend, I think it was after they asked me to watch Blood-C but before K. I’m reviewing it because it isn’t something I’d normally watch.


Ga-Rei Zero relies heavily on it’s surrounding material for world explanation. But basically you just have to accept that there’s invisible monsters roaming around that a few people can see without the aid of technology. These people also happen to be in possession of objects that have spirit monster things sealed inside them for personal use. There’s also some gem stone thing that feeds off emotion to empower the host. Oh and there’s a top secret military task force that goes about dealing with monsters and people abusing their spirit monster things. I think that about covers the world.

The plot is pretty simple, in the first episode we watch everyone die and that’s supposed to grab our attention as we are expected to watch the friendship between two girls in some events prior. We are also expected to watch through several episodes of people trying to murder each other and manipulate each other, for amusement among other things. All of this is because we’re supposed to be curious as to why the people we had no attachment to died in the first episode. We already know how the anime is going to turn out, do we really need to drag it along? Oh meanwhile the friendship is torn apart, and then the series slogan type thing comes into effect. The story would probably be amazing if the writing wasn’t so lackluster. And the ending, the “love trumps all” cliche, honestly?

The characters are actually fleshed out though, they have flaws and hopes, it’s just a shame the writing wasn’t there to support them.
Yomi-The main character, but not main character, because the main character has to be the protagonist, which she was. She basically swings her sword around some. Apparently before the anime she was happy…I wonder why.
Kagura-The protagonist, and not main character, but main character. She’s a really confusing person who’s always happy, and I mean ALWAYS. Though that’s not entirely true…but her growth is the focus.
Kazuhiro-Butterfly boy, the sinister, maniacal and manipulative “child” working behind the scenes. Basically everything is his fault and he’s really creepy. Probably the best character though.
Various military guys-Yeah I can’t remember any of these, I think they have like an important line each.

Okay I’ve probably been overly harsh and ripped this thing to shreds, I’ll be honest though, it isn’t that bad. It is similar to Blood-C, so I can recommend that. And I do want to reiterate this isn’t as bad as I made it out to be, it was a good anime, just not my style.


One thought on “In Review: Ga-Rei Zero

  1. Enjoyed your take. It was actually the last show I watched when it aired before my first long break from anime.

    I liked it as a light shoujo-ai title. My main complaint was the CG monsters – it really made me begin to notice the use of it in anime, hence my break after it aired. I agree on the writing, but they had a bottlenecked in making a prequel xD.


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