In Review: A Certain Scientific Railgun

My plan for today is to review the Raildex franchise, I’ve opted to go over Railgun first due to season one occurring before the events of A Certain Magical Index.


A Certain Scientific Railgun follows the adventures and exploits of, you guessed it, a certain scientific Railgun. Inside the technological paradise that is Academy City, the largest concentration of educational facilities in the world, there is a population of 80% students. All of these are there to learn Extra-Sensory Perception abilities, or Esper abilities for short. Of these, 7 have reached the coveted status of a Level 5 Esper and our hero Mikoto Misaka is one of them. With her best friend a member of the student run law enforcement agency, Judgement, she finds herself caught up in all sorts of events in the diabolical funhouse of science.

The story isn’t anything special, it’s the characters that make it what it is. The exploration of scientific ethics and the relationships between people make the show keep your interest. However, truly it’s the great personalities of the characters that make you want to see more.

The cast, or at least it’s lead, makes the show.
Mikoto “Railgun” Misaka-The main hero and the third ranked esper in Academy City. She’s an electromaster, giving her the ability to manipulate electicity and those related by extension. This includes the weather, magnetism and in one case her nerves. She’s stubborn, short-tempered and has earned herself the title of thundere, due to her destructive tsundere tendencies.
Kuroko-Kuroko is Mikoto’s younger roommate, and a level 4 esper with the ability to teleport. She works for Judgement, and spends most of her time investigating crimes and trying to dissuade Mikoto from getting involved, to no avail.
Uihara-Uihara is Kuroko’s childhood friend and teammate in Judgement, she’s anonymously earned herself the title of Goalkeeper due her almost flawless defence of Academy City’s network. She’s a sweet-toothed and light hearted level 1 esper with the ability to maintain the thermal energy of objects she’s in contact with to some degree.
Saten-Uihara’s classmate and a level 0 esper who has not developed an ability, due to this she holds a small amount of disdain and envy for the higher level espers. Despite her cheerful exterior she believes she’s a burden to the group except when she runs errands for them.

Railgun is an anime that explores what happens when those with the illusion of power are put in places where they are powerless. It explores the relationships between groups and powers, much like K, and the ethics of scientific advancement. Of course A Certain Magical Index is a must watch after this, and if you like the setting then perhaps Strike The Blood might take your fancy.

If you can witness one of Mikoto’s signature Railgun attacks and not be in awe then I question your humanity.
“Railgun, Mikoto Misaka. Tokiwadai Middle School’s pride, our invincible electric princess.”


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