In Review: A Certain Magical Index

So now it’s the second of today’s two part review, A Certain Magical Index, the birthplace of the Raildex franchise.


A Certain Magical Index follows the misfortunes of Touma Kamijou. As a highschool student inside the technological paradise that is Academy City, the largest concentration of educational facilities in the world, he leads an unlucky but uneventful life. Like all the students he’s there to learn Extra-Sensory Perception abilities, or Esper abilities for short. Unfortunately he’s had no luck in developing any such attributes and has been stuck as a level 0 to his dismay. One day however the uneventful part of his life is shattered, when a nun from England shows up…on his balcony. Armed with a right hand capable of dispelling esper powers, he discovers that it also extends to all supernatural phenomena such as magic, he ends up becoming her makeshift guardian. As such he gets dragged into the political feuds between churches and scientific communities.

Season one is more or less a train wreck, the pacing is awful and the characters grind on you, it has a few redeeming features such as the tie in with season 2 of Railgun. The second season manages to more or less save itself from the pacing problem by bringing over much more of the Railgun developments. You could see Index II as a spiritual sequel to Railgun S.

The cast, or at least Index, can make this show a chore to watch, but bear it because the second season is good at the very least.
Touma-The main hero, a useless and unlucky guy with some form of hero complex spanning from his selfguided sense of justice. He acts as an unofficial third party in Scientific and Magical affairs due to his ability to neutralise both with Imagine Breaker, the title given to his hand. Many see him as a threat to the status quo due to his friends and followers coming from both backgrounds, forming the adhoc Kamijou Faction.
Index-The namesake of the series, and an annoying useless brat who spends her time complaining about food and attacking Touma for trivial reasons. She causes more problems than she solves due to her photographic memory containing 103,000 forbidden magical texts.
Stiyl-The representative for the magic community active in Academy City from the same church as Index. He acts as Touma’s liaison officer for magical affairs, often involving him against both their better judgments.
Mikoto “Railgun” Misaka-She and her friends represent the scientific community in the series, as the third ranked esper in Academy City. She’s an electromaster who ends up in league with Touma when “I didn’t ask for help but he came to help anyway”. She’s stubborn, short-tempered and has earned herself the title of thundere, due to her destructive tsundere tendencies around Touma.
Tsuchimikado-Touma’s classmate and a freelance operative that works for both the scientific and magical communities. He often employs the use of Touma in his affairs, and works to protect Academy City, with some ulterior motives. He’s also the only esper capable of using magic, as the personal realities that must be achieved to use esper abilities reject magic causing harm to the user.

Index is an anime that I ended up watching just to see the development and continuation of the Railgun characters. So if you haven’t seen it go watch A Certain Scientific Railgun is a must watch after this, and if you like the setting then perhaps Strike The Blood might take your fancy.

Is it showing that I just totally ship Mikoto and Touma, good old RailgunxImagineBreaker.
“…that idiot that saved so many people is trying to save someone today like always. I know I can’t stop him. No matter how much I don’t want him to do anything dangerous.”


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