In Review: Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven is an anime that I enjoy watching in almost any mood, so it seems appropriate that I review an anime with one of the most anticipated unannounced sequels yet.

Center: Arata. Left-Right: Levi, Yui, Arin, Lilith, Lies, Mira, Akio.

Trinity Seven is a widly loved typical harem anime, with a somewhat explained background and an actual plot. After discovering that his reality for the past few days was false, Arata ends up going to school to become a Mage in an attempt to rescue his cousin/childhood friend who vanished before he inadvertently restructured his reality. After being given a legendary grimoire, his sheer magical capacity caused his wish to revert things back to how they were before his town was destroyed by a catastrophe causes his false reality. Upon being discovered by a Mage he is given the choice of death, or memory wipe. Of course he decides to become a Mage and avoid the memory wipe…resolving to rescue his cousin who had been confirmed alive.

While the season is short and covers only a single arc, it is for the most part split into sub arcs where he allies with Trinity Seven. After enrolling at the school he is informed that to rescue his cousin he will need to befriend each of the Trinity Seven, who are the most powerful Mage’s in their respective fields. As magic is based on mental and emotional states it happens that women tend to be the most adept. After a series of events pulling him into close ties with the members of the Trinity Seven he is then forced into action to save his school, and the world, from his cousin who is hellbent on changing fate.

The only cast of Trinity Seven worth noting are those in line with the Trinity Seven. Due to the nature of these descriptions they will sadly contain spoilers as they all start out as rather 2D characters.
Arata-The main character, a lucky straight forward pervert with the magical ability to destroy the entire world, and fate leading straight to that. Fortunately he decides that he wants to rule his power, the world and subsequently fate to avoid this.
Lilith-The youngest one to make it into the Trinity Seven, her magic is based on the sin of Lust and utilises alchemy to make magical guns. She is also a teacher at the school and hates perverted behaviour. Arata finds her the prettiest of the seven.
Levi-Levi is a quick and stealthy ninja who holds no expectations in anyone, however this turns on its head when she expects nothing of Arata which means she expects great things. Her magic is based on the sin of Envy and for the most part is just athletic augmentation. She gets the least fanservice, as aside from battles she avoids awkward moments.
Arin-An emotionless and cold member of the Trinity Seven who’s magic is based on the sin of Wrath, using runes and weaponry to wreak destruction and ruin. She proclaims to be Arata’s wife, and over time displays emotion is his presence. Her lack of modesty leads her to be naked around Arata often.
Yui-Possessing magic on par with Arata, she is capable of destroying the world by accident. Subsequently she spends most her time asleep, as she doesn’t desire much more, and her magic relates to that state. Her magic is based on the sin of Greed. She comes to treat Arata as an older brother and uses her small figure but developed assets to tease him.
Mira-Possessing strong magic that had a tendency to to be unstable from a young age, Mira suppressed her powers and avoided using it and associating with people out of fear. After some encouragement from Akio to use it with pride she later decided to use magic based on the sin of Pride. Using it for justice, she is the exact opposite of Arata, and takes the longest time out of the Seven to befriend him having started out as enemies. By the end she takes secret pleasure from Arata’s perverted behaviour.
Akio-Using her magic to augment her physical strength, Akio’s magic is based on the sin of Gluttony. Despite her love of food however she practices strict moderation on all her desires to maintain her form. She is given the least attention as she follows Mira, however Arata enjoys her figure.
Liese-Desiring to be the most powerful she can get as quickly as possible she ends up engaging in forbidden efforts. Going so far as to betray the Trinity Seven she is a member of. Her magic is based on the sin of Sloth, and exhibits a much more digital approach to spells. Arata recalls her for her large breats and sexy aura, which he uses to distinguish her from her younger twin.
Selina-The younger twin of Liese, she works with and emulates Liese’s magic up until her betrayal. She reports the news within the school and later becomes a proxy member of the Trinity Seven for Liese. This is as they combine their magics, after being forced cohabitate in one body for battles, after Liese traps herself in time.
Headmaster-A Paladin, or extremely experienced Mage, with unknown power that could destroy the world in an all out battle against one of his own caliber. He knows more than he displays and has reasons for all his actions. He often has perverted outbursts and other dramatic moments.

The impressive action sequences, comedic relief and persistent fan service make this a great light hearted anime. Not to mention with an array of great opening and ending themes, it never gets tiring to watch. While it doesn’t offer anything new, it certainly is a nice upbeat one to watch that I recommend with the highest esteem.

Trinity Seven is a typical harem and ecchi anime, with it comes an assortment of relatable anime, like the previously reviewed Date A Live. However, given the setting and fantasy elements, the behaviour of the main character and the cast it is clear that Highschool DxD or Heaven’s Lost Property are the closest that I can come to a direct comparison. In fact in both Highschool DxD and Trinity Seven the main characters primary power involves the removal of clothing.

In the words of Arin, before I gave up on not including spoilers all I could think was.
“This is difficult.”


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