In Review: Date A Live

For my first review I thought I’d start with my most recent Blu-Ray purchase. So, let’s begin our date.


Date A Live is the brainchild of Koushi Tachibana, who evidently concluded that what Neon Genesis Evangelion was lacking was cute girls and dating. There is no better way to summarise the deliberate references and premise similarity.

The plot itself is nothing special, its strength comes for the array of characters in life threateningly comedic situations. Following a not dense version of Ichika Orimura (Infinite Stratos), the anime sees him go on dates with powerful female spirits in the hopes of sealing away their powers so that the Neon Genesis crew…I mean AST mecha girls…aren’t forced to kill them. This is while under the employment of a mysterious organisation that’s logo looks like NERV’s (Neon Genesis). By the end of the first season we’ve encountered three spirits, two mecha girls and two of his employers of note. Given the nature of his position you can imagine that he has a hard time balancing his duties between them.

The first season presents itself the strongest, however the second season is split into fewer arcs and thus gives greater depth to many of the characters of its exponentially expanding cast. With another of his employers developed, two of the mecha girls employers introduced, three more spirits and some supporting cast development. The anime also takes on more of the dramatic action genre, with several more major battles. You’ll never forget some of those epic battle scenes, and in Date A Live II if the song Q&A (otherwise known as Attention! Question!) isn’t burned into your memory, you’re watching it wrong.

In a brief overview the major characters in the series are essentially.
Shidou Itsuka-The main character, a not so special, but at least not dense older brother to Kotori. He possess the inexplicable ability to seal a spirits power and use them for himself to a limited degree.
Kotori Itsuka-A hyperactive, bossy and borderline split personality younger sister of Shidou who just so happens to be his boss.
Tohka-A formerly unnamed spirit code-named Princess who wields a big sword and has destructive powers, is emotionally unstable…coupled with naivety and cuteness.
Origami Tobiichi-Spirit hating, Shidou obsessed, almost apathetic genius classmate of Shidou. Who just so happens to the the AST’s “mecha mecha squad” top unit.
Kurumi-You’ll want to find out about her on your own, I personally don’t like her too much but still don’t want to spoil anything.

In a paradoxical situation the anime is really generic, however it is so generic that it is unique. It was put together in such a way that all the generic parts are unique because nobody has put them together in that way. However given the nature of the anime and aforementioned categories I’d say that this is well worth a watch if you like Infinite Stratos, or if you haven’t seen IS it is well worth going to see that before/after you have watched this.

In the words of Shidou, my feelings on this anime can be summarised by.
“If people refuse to accept you, I’ll just accept you even more!”


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