An over-review

Hello and welcome to my newly refurbished blog!

If you’re new, which will be almost all of you, then welcome. This blog has gone through some odd times of inactivity and this reboot should mix things up. Recently I began to study games and such full time, and around the same time I got really into anime.

This isn’t something that I suddenly became obsessed with, I had watched anime on and off for well over a year before now. Recently though I decided to put some weight behind it and watch as much as possible, now I want to share my experiences in a series of reviews.

The reviews will all use a similar formula and subsequently should be easy to link and compare. Which anime I review and when will vary drastically based on how I feel. For the most part I can promise that I should get to the point where I review each anime I watch as I watch them, but for now it will be a game of catch up.

Feel free to stick along for the ride, and view my MAL profile if you want to get an idea of what may be ahead.


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